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Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Series Season 1 In Hindi & English

Watch Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamakha Season 1 In Hindi In 720p/360p Web-dl for free !!!

Download Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamakha Season 1 In Hindi & English (Dual Audio) In 720p Web-dl for free!!

Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Series Season 1

Quality :- 720p
Size :- 200MB Per Episode
Duration :- 24Minutes Per Episode
Language :- Hindi+English
No. Of Episodes :- 10

Genres :- Kids’ TV, TV Cartoons, Hindi-Language TV Shows, Indian

After bringing back the princess of Dragon Kingdom to her palace safely, Chhota Bheem and team, upon the King’s request, stay back for the welfare of the empire. They haven’t just extended their stay, but even the fun, frolic and adventure. In this season of Chhota Bheem Dragon Kingdom, the kids get to explore more of the mysterious lands, meet funny people, embark on edgy adventures.

Season 1 Episode 1. Bheem Or Bull?? 720p Web-dl

A magical lightning exchanges soul of Bheem to Timbu the bull. Bheem in a bull’s body must find a way to get his original body back.

Season 1 Episode 2. Attack of the Black Moon 720p Web-dl

The three mystical ninjas from Blackmoon are to steal the dragon stone. Now, it is upto Bheem, and his team to stop ninjas from stealing the stone.

Season 1 Episode 3. Kalia, The Hero 720p Web-dl

Bheem and his team go to Manchuria village where Gabba bandits ambush the village. The people mistake Kalia with Bheem. Can the mistaken identity help Kalia from Gabba.

Season 1 Episode 4. The Night Warrior 720p Web-dl

Chutki is destined to be the Night Warrior. It is her duty now to save the villagers in the night from the attack of the masked goons and defeat the Boar.

Season 1 Episode 5. Kung-Food 720p Web-dl

Kalia eager to win against Bheem makes a deal with the sorcerer Owm Nom Nom. Failed to meet the ends of the bargain Kalia faces the wrath of sorcerer.

Season 1 Episode 6. Sleeping KungFu Master 720p Web-dl

The new minister is in the palace. Statues are stolen. Bheem thinks its the night walking armor.

Season 1 Episode 7. Jaggu Goes Bananas 720p Web-dl

Jaggu being constantly underrated by his fellow mates in Kung Fu. He must find a way to prove them wrong, which leads him to make a deal with three shady evil monkeys who plan to loot the palace.

Season 1 Episode 8. Last Day In Dragon Kingdom 720p Web-dl

General Lee’s growing jealous over Bheem and his team popularity. Lee makes a deal with the three evil monks to send Bheem back and become popular.

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Season 1 Episode 9. Where is Jun Bao? 720p Web-dl

Raju’s recent encounter with bandits makes him realize that he is afraid of the dark. When Jun Bao is kidnapped, Raju must face his fears and save Jun Bao.

Season 1 Episode 10. The Year Of Dragon 720p Web-dl

Kai Fu steals the dragon egg and conquers the Dragon kingdom. Bheem goes to the dragon temple on the cliff to find a way to bring back the kingdom.

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